About Dimensional


Our Vision

To be the LinkedIn of Personality.

Our Mission

We use personality science to help people practically improve their lives and relationships.

Why now?

In the past, we had fewer decisions to make.  What you did, where you lived, who you married, or what lifestyle you chose was mostly dictated by your family and your culture. The people you encountered were confined to your community with whom you established life-long relationships. You held one job and one life.

As the world becomes more complex and dynamic, we are confronted with a dizzying array of existential decisions and an ephemeral set of people with whom we interact. In the face of all this, we lack a guide and instead blindly follow external forces like social pressure, media, and culture.

People who find happiness know who they are and have the courage to tune their lives to their intrinsic self. They have greater awareness and understanding of their blindspots and motives, and are able to see how their unique personality relates to the constellation of other people in their lives.

What we're building

We are building a social, personality-testing platform.

We know that human experience can't be reduced to a set of traits. Instead, we want to give people a vocabulary, framework, and platform to better understand and connect with each other.

How we're doing it

Dimensional exists at the intersection of data science and psychometrics.

We use personality+data science to create a unique personality Signature for each user. We then use that personality signature to power hyper-personalized guidance.

Join the cause

We value integrity, curiosity, and hard work. If that sounds like you, please reach out.


Dimensional Interactive
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