Conventional and realistic. Enjoys working in hands-on and structured environments with clearly defined tasks and procedures.

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Apprentices are practical people who prefer structured work environments and clear-cut tasks. They tend to be action-oriented, enjoying careers that allow them to work with their hands to produce tangible results. They typically don't mind rules, procedures, and having to follow through on others' instruction. Though not necessarily introverted, they are self-controlled and typically prefer working on their own.



Careers for Apprentices

Apprentices typically excel in hands-on careers that require following a set of rules, regulations, or procedures, such as:

  • Carpenter
  • Engineer
  • Mechanic
  • Cook
  • Postal service carriers
  • Construction worker
  • Crane and tower operators
  • Landscaper
  • Court clerk
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Drywall and ceiling tile installers
  • Quality control analysts
  • Broadcast technicians
  • Electrician


Apprentices' knack for practicality and working with their hands means they may struggle with tasks that require abstract or creative thinking. As a result of their preference for structure, they may feel lost when faced with ambiguity. Likewise, because they are comfortable doing things the way it's always been done, they may panic when things start to change. Given that they put their efforts into meeting the expectations of others, they might over-rely on external praise or validation to feel accomplished rather than appreciation of their own work.







As a leader, the Apprentice values structured environments and feels that it is the best way of ensuring that each member of their team knows exactly what they are responsible for. They don't mind taking the extra time to explain tasks step-by-step if it means things will be done correctly with minimal assistance required.

Given these expectations, they appreciate competence and those who actually put in the work required to bring results.



Apprentices produce their best work when they are given straightforward instruction and know exactly what is expected of them. They often excel in environments that require methodical and action-oriented problem solving.

These people measure twice and cut once, as they are highly detail-oriented and value accuracy. One can always count on the Apprentice to get the job done as they have a strong work ethic, set high standards for themselves, and hold themselves accountable for reaching those standards.



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