Creative and Persuasive. Likes to work with ideas and other people. Innovative and influencing.

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Directors are creative and ambitious, able to imagine possibilities that don't exist and bring them into reality. They thrive in environments that are dynamic and offer variety and change, and when under-stimulated, will design new projects or challenges for themselves.

Though not necessarily extraverted, they tend to be assertive and bring out their inner social butterfly when needed. However, even the extraverted among them sometimes need moments of contemplation or independent creative exploration.

Directors are innovative and ambitious, allowing them to take risks and push limits.



Careers for Directors

Directors thrive in careers that marry their creative side with their ambition and potential for leadership, such as:

  • Film director
  • Art director
  • Fashion desginer
  • Marketing director
  • Broadcast journalism
  • Entrepreneur
  • Public relations
  • Actor
  • Advertising manager
  • Floral designer
  • Nanny
  • Dress maker
  • Singer


Directors are the least conventional of the archetypes, likely struggling with organization and structured environments, as it can hinder their freedom and expression. They do not enjoy repetitive tasks and often lose interest and motivation in completing them.

Generally, they prefer to lead people, rather than work with them as partners. While they may be willing to work with others in service of their own vision, they are not likely to do so in favor of someone else's.

A Directors desire for collaboration diminishes when they are forced to work for something that they don't believe in. Likewise, their pursuit of their vision can take priority over people's feelings or team harmony.







As leaders, Directors are magnetic and bold. They are often seen as classic visionaries—the drivers of progress, pioneering change and pushing their team closer to their vision.

It is through their vision and charisma that they are able to attract followership and gain authority. When they lead, they are more concerned about the bigger picture, letting the people who work for them deal with the trivial details. It is important for Directors to work with people who listen to them and can be swayed to see their point of view.



Directors shine when they are imagining and inventing new ideas, and pitching them to others. These people are able to easily conjure up novel ideas and effectively communicate them with people, often persuading them to do things their way—for instance, getting others to contribute their time, money, or mental power. They tend to be charming and passionate about their ideas in a way that makes others listen.



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