Artistic and social. Likes to work with people, ideas, and things. Creative and collaborative.

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Maestros are innovative people who enjoy collaborating and sharing their artistic side with others. They value relationships that allow them to share creative experiences, and may use art and creativity as a means of forming new ones.

Maestros rarely hold fixed or externally-imposed ideas of right and wrong. Their morality is instead governed by their empathy and is more complex and circumstantial.

They tend to believe that traditional structures hold people down, and that the best way to help others is through relationships of equality or through radical new ideas. They feel more responsible for the the needs and emotions of others and less responsible for things like process, corporate goals, and structure.



Careers for Maestros

Maestros excel in careers that allow them to collaborate creatively with others, such as:

  • Dance choreographer
  • Music conductor
  • Music director
  • Music producer
  • Teacher
  • Speech pathologist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Art therapist
  • Music therapist
  • Singer
  • Cosmetologist
  • Actor


Maestros can easily lose motivation when working in environments that are highly structured and restrict their creativity. Their social nature also means that they may face difficulties with excessive periods of solitude.

Though they can easily come up with new ideas, they may not necessarily be able to make them a reality. Therefore, it may be best for Maestros to take their creativity and collaborate with those who enjoy hands-on work and can help bring their vision to life.







As leaders, Maestros are nurturing and genuinely care about their team seeing them succeed. They don't mind having creative control, but are also willing to share it with their team to come up with innovative solutions. They are relatively easy-going, remaining highly flexible and not imposing high amounts of structure and process onto their team.



Maestros excel in careers that allow them to come up with new ways of helping or teaching others. They thrive in environments that value originality and innovation, allowing them to freely express their creativity with minimal boundaries.

Though they enjoy coming up with their own ideas, they know creativity is a two-way street and enjoy both sharing their own thoughts and hearing the input of others. Even more than that, they tend to be sensitive to the emotions of others and can often form deeper-level relationships with those they work with.



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