Cooperative, caring and structured. Likes to work with people and data. Finds meaning in helping others and creating order.

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Teachers are collaborators who enjoy structured environments with clear-cut tasks. Whereas purely conventional people typically enjoy working independently, teachers are friendly individuals who seek to help others where they can. With this mix, they are highly adaptable and can comfortably work with others while also retreating to solitude to focus on individual tasks. They believe in the dignity and value of everyone, and feel an intrinsic sense of reward by seeing others succeed with their help.



Careers for Teachers

Teachers excel in careers where they can work with, or in service of, others with structured tasks, such as:

  • Teacher
  • Pharmacist
  • Event planner
  • Credit counsellor
  • Bank teller
  • Administrative assistant
  • Secretary
  • Customer success manager
  • Librarian
  • Receptionist
  • Personal care aides
  • Flight attendant
  • Human resources specialist


Teachers' ability to complete work well under the instruction of others means they may feel lost when needing to set a course of action for themselves. Likewise, their desire to maintain group harmony might make them more susceptible to groupthink or following the crowd and less likely to voice a dissenting opinion.







Teachers may not necessarily be the ones jumping into leadership roles, but when they do, they tend to set out rules that are expected to be followed. Though they may run a tight ship, they are also willing to delegate creative control to others—encouraging collaboration among their team. They value clear communication and team cohesion, and genuinely want the best for their team members.



Teachers are able to perform tasks handed to them successfully both individually and within a group. While others may shy away from tediousness, teachers remain persistent even when given routine or administrative tasks. They are highly cooperative, and excel in environments where they are told where their efforts need to be spent. Others can depend on teachers to get the job done, as they strive to meet the expectations set out for them to the best of their ability.



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