Worry-prone people are sensitive to and concerned about potential risks in their environment.

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You have a sensitivity to moments of charge and arousal, which can be tuned to experience moments more acutely than others. This sensitivity can manifest as shyness, fearfulness, nervousness, tenseness, and restlessness. Put in other terms, your fight or flight instinct is high.


In relationships, you tend to focus on what can go wrong and are prone to be suspicious or overly worried about your partner. Jealousy may emerge as well as an overall lack of ease around the future of the relationship. Your anxiety shows you care and so may be a source of comfort to your partner as it reassures you are invested.

Open and honest communication helps give perspective to you and your partner, and positive reinforcement can work wonders for keeping you feeling safe and secure as positive affirmation is likely high up in your love language.


High levels of worry can make work environments feel intense and overwhelming at times. You are more likely to be roused and impacted by events or conflicts in the workplace and are keenly aware of risks and possible pitfalls. Your concern may worry others but you’re also a vital resource for risk assessment and evaluation as you are more likely than others to play a scenario through to its worst possible outcome. This is a strong strategic strategy.


While low-level anxiety and nervousness are generally manageable, they can reach a point of being disruptive if left unchecked. Those who give too much energy to their anxiety may lose the ability to function in a clear-headed way in both work and love, as their negative outlook may override their ability to see things clearly and be at ease.

Harness the strength of your anxiety towards being a strong risk evaluator. Know what may go wrong and prepare for it, then work hard to let it slip from your mind.

It is important for those who score high on anxiety to get out of their heads as often as possible, getting regular exercise and meditation. Remind yourself that thoughts are not real and learn to change what you can and accept what you can’t. Bringing yourself to the present through deep breathing, mindfulness, and meditation can be instantly empowering as it realigns you with yourself and eases your mind.











Low Scorers

You rarely worry and have the ability to stay calm under pressures that might stifle others. Your cool attitude outwardly manifests in a calming energy that can draw in others who don't share it. You are able to thrive in stressful situations. Cultivate this by taking calculated risks that others might shy away from. It is in these circumstances of pressure that diamonds are made.


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