Positive Emotions

These people are jovial. They have a tendency to laugh freely and often and to experience positive emotions like joy, happiness, and love.

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You are full of joy, cheer, and exuberance and are capable of great love and happiness. You bring optimism and a high-spiritedness to most situations and find it easy to laugh, play, and demonstrate expressions of love.

More good news, scoring high in Positive Emotions indicates an increased likelihood of having an overall happy life.


At home and in love you can be a pleasure to be around as you have an infectiously cheerful energy. You are able to bring joy and fun spontaneously and draw those around you into a similar state. The company of loved ones brings you great happiness and with some practice, your unique ability to access gratitude will make you capable of great presence and attention. You may see in others what they may not even see in themselves and this makes you a wonderful partner in terms of growth and happiness.


You are capable of bringing a pleasant, enthusiastic energy to your work environment, whatever it is, stimulating those around you and generally raising the mood with optimism and kind-hearted humour.


There are few downsides to a positive disposition. Many have concluded that a happy life and optimistic spirits is even an indicator of physical health. However, your happiness may draw out jealousy in those who are not so inclined or whose worldview is more pessimistic and fatalistic, particularly those who score high on melancholic.

Be aware of who you are keeping company with and practice discretion around your expressions of joy when you are around those who seem ill-at-ease around it.











Low Scorers

Your mood is on the stable to low end, as you are not often prone to outbursts of joy or laughter. You may move towards depression or boredom on the father end of this.


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