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Confidence is the belief in one's abilities and in oneself. Confident people trust in their abilities to face challenges everyday and present themselves in a way that is true to who they are.

These people do not internalize or personalize interactions, and are not sensitive to criticism.

When they face challenges, they are persistent as they have healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with these challenges. Their belief in themselves makes them motivated and ready to achieve.


The confident lover is comfortable with speaking up when there is an issue. They feel secure in their relationship and trust that they know how their significant other feels about them. For example, if a partner is acting distant, they are more likely to assume it is because they are having a bad day rather than because the partner no longer likes them.

Confident people choose partners that compliment them and they choose wisely. They are able to set healthy boundaries with others, which allows for freedom to try things together while staying true to themselves.


At work, a confident person is open to feedback and is able to integrate it constructively. They won't carry negative feedback for long and are generally more capable of receiving it, even if they disagree.

It is important to the confident person to continue working on themselves and to be able to identify and work on their weaknesses. These individuals naturally veer towards leadership positions and are able to influence others.


People who feign confidence can run the risk of coming off as cocky or over-confident, which usually is an over-compensation for insecurity. It is important to note that confidence needs to come from within, meaning one must be comfortable with themselves before they can express confidence to others.










There are many ways to begin developing confidence and, therefore, individuals who want to be confident should strive to find a method that works best for them.

Often times, finding a good support system (family and/or friends) can aid in developing confidence as they can encourage learning and believing in oneself. Exercising can also help increase confidence as people develop an improved appearance and feel better about themselves.

Additionally, It is important to focus on one's own accomplishments and strengths, rather than weakness and failures. Developing healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with challenges can also help with that, such as meditation or yoga.


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