Conscientious people are disciplined, organized, and dependable. They value order and planning and are goal oriented.

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You’re an ordered and competent person with high levels of self-discipline and a tendency to consistently strive towards achieving your goals. You’re likely ambitious (though not necessarily power-seeking) and enjoy educating yourself, exercising the skills needed to realize your dreams.

You’re organized and methodical, with a clear vision of the path ahead of you and what it takes to get there. You are likely willing to undertake a great deal of hard work if you know the outcome to be worthwhile.


As a lover you are dependable and stable, creating and maintaining order in the relationship and approaching problems with accessible solutions. You are not prone to impulsiveness and are more likely to be faithful and cautious in your sexuality.

You are probably easy to live with as you take good care of the home and can be counted upon to do things like pick family up from the airport on time and provide thoughtful support when needed.


Your methodical and outcome-oriented approach makes you high-functioning in a work environment. You are diligent and structured and are often suited for several positions in an organization, from doer to management as you can manage many aspects at once, and can take directions well. You think things through critically and execute them exactingly.

Those who score high here excel in most work scenarios and are particularly well-suited for working in organizations as they are capable of timely and competent delivery and execution of their work.

With the right combination of other traits, conscientious people can also make strong entrepreneurs and small business owners.


Your high sense of order and dutifulness could create unrest in relationships both at work and in love as you may assert more control than others may be comfortable with. Watch for a possible tendency to nag or judge others for not meeting your standards. At times your dependability can seem to some like monotony and may take the spark and spontaneity out of life.

Use your high-functionality and ambition to your advantage by pursuing noble goals. You are more likely than other types to achieve that rare excellence in a given field, or to have that breakthrough that affects the world in a positive way. You have a propensity to excel in whatever area you choose, so focusing on a goal and putting your all into it may have wonderful results.











Low Scorers

You’re likely disorganized and undirected with your intention and energy, preferring a passive and low-key approach to life. Your attention flutters and you are easy-going with a touch sometimes of the carefree or even careless.


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