Melachonlic people have a tendency to experience the sadness in the external world or their internal world.

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You are prone to feelings of discouragement and sadness, and may find it difficult to get into the flow of what’s happenings around you as your own feelings take precedence over external circumstances.

Taken to the extreme this could look like depression at times and could lead to feelings of heaviness and dispondance. More gently, it simply means you may take things to heart from time to time and feel down.


It is so important in love for you to feel and know you are cared for and about. Finding someone who scores high in areas of openness and agreeableness and who loves to hug and cuddle and send out love and warmth would be highly beneficial as your melancholic nature is soothed by gestures of care by those who emphasize.


You require a tender touch at work, functioning best around those who score high on agreeableness and who are nurturing and supportive without trying to necessarily inflict their disposition on you. The drudgering of a nine-to-five may get you down, especially if it involves a long commute, so don’t be afraid to pursue work that is gentle and soothing, allowing space for your down moods, without punishing you for them.


Letting yourself get too down can lead to all sorts of trouble. A negative mood cuts you off from your own wonderfulness and can make it difficult to see the wonderfulness of others. It’s like wearing sunglasses that make the whole world a muted grey, after a while you forget you’re wearing them and thus forget the world ever had vibrance to begin with. Your moods may also put off others, distancing you from relationships and making it hard to get far in work.

Be active about elevating your mood. Be selfish about spending time doing things that please you, even the smallest things can make a big difference. For instance, if you are having a particularly glum day and the world seems to be caving in on you, call in sick to work and spend the day listening to music and drawing cartoons in your pjs. Dance a silly dance. Laugh at a dumb comedy. Call a friend and tell them why you appreciate them. The more play and gratitude you exercise, the farther away you will move from those things that bring you down. Remember, it doesn’t not start with changing the circumstances, but with changing your own inner feelings; the circumstances will follow.











Low Scorers

Low scorers are not necessarily cheerful and playful. They are rather better at coping with life’s downs and are able to see the bright side of things more easily.


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