Extraverted people are energized by crowds and exciting environments. They seek relationships, sometimes in a dominant position.

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You are energized by people. Likely action oriented, you seek out stimulating new experiences, excitedly meeting new people and sharing new ideas.

You often need to speak something out loud to someone to make sense of your thoughts or feelings. You have lots of energy and are eager to share and grow through experimentation.

Travel and parties may suit you well as they stimulate that part of you that craves connection and discovery. You are likely more outgoing in nature, assertive, confident, and full of life.


Your active and curious nature can make love an enjoyable experience, especially if you find people who are comfortable with your engaged and dynamic nature. You may want to experience many different kinds of love and will value freedom of movement in your relationships. Making sure you can be yourself in love is key.

Be wary of those who score high on self-consciousness and anxiety and they may become jealous and attempt to impose limitations on your gregarious nature. You are compatible with people who are patient listeners, and while you don’t need to be with a fellow extrovert, you will thrive around someone who gives you space to live out your extraverted ways.

When dating introverts, give them quiet time. Don’t take their need for solitude as a slight against you.


You thrive in group settings, especially when the group is dynamic and exploratory. Your confidence and enthusiasm may make you an effective leader or at least rally-er of troops as you are well suited to give pep talks and elicit excitement in those around you. Travel and exploration may have a particular draw for you, as well as anything really that draws new and interesting people into your circle.

Your curiosity and willingness make for wonderful potential in all kinds of work so long as you keep yourself stimulated and ever-challenged and engaged. You work best in a group of people, either as a participant or a leader, and likely prefer meetings and live collaboration more than others. This can be a strength as you can give a room energy, but be mindful that your energy may be draining for other less extroverted people on your team.

In leadership positions, you think best aloud so it could be useful to surround yourself with good listeners and competent people who can turn ideas into action. You likely have a natural affinity for sales. Don’t think of sales in the narrow sense though. Finding and hiring the right people is sales; fundraising is sales; identifying the right customers to serve is sales.


With so much focus placed upon the external world, it is possible to overlook the important work of self-knowledge. If you are always out in a group or curled up with your love, you may overlook the valuable time needed to connect with and know the way you feel when not engaged with others. You can negatively dominate a room, particularly among introverts.

Because you develop and test thoughts through speech, those around you may be easily put off or exhausted by your external processing. You may drain energy from introverts if you don’t learn to temper your extraversion around them. You struggle to be a good listener as you are often eager to get to your own point.

Plan a bit of time alone, no phone, no internet, no movies. Just you and your thoughts, or better yet, you and no thoughts at all! Meditation is key for connecting with your instinct and emotions and for you it is particularly important as the thoughts and feelings of others (whom you likely spend so much time around) may clog or confuse your own inner navigation system. Practice listening without jumping in, and be conscientious of your environment before speaking. Read a room and if it is filled with introverts you may want to temper your own tendency to speak up.











Low Scorers

You are an introvert. Introverts prefer low-key and quiet settings, and are not prone to seek out adventure or experimentation. You may prefer the landscape of your own mind to what is created in contrast with others, though this does not mean you are a lone wolf per se, just that your leaning is towards inward reflection and inner peace.

You are likely a good listener as you are less eager than an extravert, say, to chime in and add your opinion or voice to the conversation. This interiority also means you have a better-than-most grasp of your own inner emotional landscape, as you sit with your feelings and thoughts a while before doing anything with them. You observe rather than report and when you do finally speak up, what you have to say is often thought provoking and filled with valuable insights. You value independence and do well on your own.


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