Fantasy-prone people have vivid imaginations and rich inner lives, which they can escape to or channel into creative pursuits.

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You lean towards creation and imagination, daydreaming and indulging in new ideas and explorations. You are likely artistic, if not an artist, you enjoy the arts and think in an artistic manner.

You may be idealistic at times as you are able to imagine things in newer and better ways. You see potential and may indulge in elaborating on that potential, creating new realities and systems though thought, words, or action.


Love can be very engaging and exciting for you. You have a capacity for great romance and can create experiences for your partner and yourself that delight and inspire.

It is possible for the delights of fantasy to overshadow the realities of the relationship so be sure to always strike a balance in this regard. You may draw particular joy from playing with your children, and likewise they may be inspired and delighted by playing with you.


Here is where the inventors are. As a high scorer in fantasy, you are able to take those exciting leaps the world needs between what it knows and what it has yet to know. You don’t just see what’s there you see what could be there, and so are able to usher in new dawns. Think of the Wright Brothers and of Edison.

You are best at work when allowed to imagine and experiment, making mistakes and trying new things. You would not likely be operating at capacity or be satisfied by a job that is fixed around an established and immovable system.


It is always possible to take fantasy too far, losing sight of some of the more concrete and immediate realities around you. You may, for instance, create such romance around a particular person or idea that you lose sight of some of the more concrete issues surrounding them. You may also lose sight of immediate realities in general, as daydreaming brings you farther away, at times, from the very important present moment.

Balance is key. Remember that while your fantasy life and rich imagination are key in creating and making change, they can also get in the way of the eve-important present moment. Allow yourself, at times, to be without thought and to enjoy and perceive what’s in front of you without elaboration, interpretation, or exaggeration.











Low Scorers

You learn towards pragmatism, focusing on the task at hand with realism and practicality. You’re grounded and generally keep your thoughts in the reality you see before you.


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