These people aren't good at controlling their urges or cravings. They feel their desires are so strong, they can't resist them.

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There is a strong draw to the things you like and away from the things you don’t like. You may find it difficult to manage desires, giving into cravings more often than you might like to.

Taken to the extreme this could be described as addictive, as things that create a desired effect become increasingly difficult to avoid. Think about things like food and sex. Sensory experiences such as these can sometimes overwhelm and take over control. Combined with a strong sense of aesthetics this can mean a very intense and maybe overwhelming reaction to things you find desirable.


Because your urges and desires can be very strong, you may find yourself tending towards the things that can come quickly: sex, romance, and adventure. Impulsive lovers chase heightened feelings and are moved by that which feels great in the moment.

This impulse for the short term can have long-term consequences in love, leaving the impulsive lover wondering why things don’t seem to work out their way.


You tend to focus on the next big win at work, enjoying immediate rewards for effort and sometimes finding it difficult to focus on more long term goals, especially when they come at the expense of more immediate gains.


Impulsive behavior can lead to feelings of regret and can get in the way of longer term goals. For instance you may love a particular food so much that you impulsively eat more of it than you’d like for yourself, and regret the feeling of fullness you feel afterwards. Likewise in love, you may be so inclined to chase down quick feelings of romance or ecstasy that you may continuously leave one lover for another in search for a repeat of these specific feelings.

Remembering the long term effects of your actions is key. While temptation is a larger issue for you than for others, it does not mean you have to give into it. Be conscious of the desires that serve you well and those that don’t, and work to resist acting on the desires that don’t serve you well.

It can be helpful to sit and imagine the whole thing through, from the moment you eat the thing you know doesn't serve you well, to the feeling you have afterwards, and even the physical difference you didn’t want to occur.











Low Scorers

You can exhibit great self-control, are able to wait for what you want, and endure what you don’t want in order to create a desired outcome. Discipline and patience come easily to you and while you may know what you want, you feel no great urgency about it.


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