People who are open to ideas have a deep intellectual curiousity and are open-minded to opposing and unconvential ideas.

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You approach life with an open and curious mind, willingly engaging new ideas. You enjoy an ideological or thought challenge and are open to debate on a number of topics, not so much to win as to explore and discover new perspectives.

You are original and imaginative, tending towards introspection and examination of self and others, as well as of systems. You also may be seen as idealistic. Your curiosity and open mindedness generally lead you towards above average intelligence.


You love to engage and to grow. Your ideal relationship is with a partner who is also open and who also scores high on ideas as you thrive when there is room to grow and explore.

On that note, you may find yourself feeling stifled if paired in love with someone who scores high on dutifulness as they will not likely engage in the exploration of ideas you enjoy and learn so much from.


You thrive in creative environments, unbound by fixed or rigid systems. Working for yourself as an artist or scholar is ideal, and you do well in think tanks and incubators.

You’re likely a good problem solver as your open-mindedness and curiosity allow you to see the many sides of a given issue without too much judgment getting in the way.


While there are few downsides to an open mind, you could run into trouble when the binaries of the world force you to choose a side. Your fluidity can be an impediment when action needs to be taken in the material world from one side or the other, especially since you recognise neither side if fully right.

Know that you think differently from others and try not to be too obvious about it. Listen and allow for their opinions and judgments without necessarily pointing out where they might not be seeing the whole picture. Here is a place for you to learn rather than teach.











Low Scorers

You tend to stick what you know when it comes to ideologies and approaches, preferring converstive approaches to exploratory. You don’t like to challenge ideas, but rather to stick to the tried and tested.


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