Straightforward people are frank and sincere. They are not calculating in their choice of words to achieve a desired outcome.

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You value sincerity and are likely consistent in words and actions. You speak frankly, concerned with delivering the truth for its own sake rather than in bending the truth for personal gain.

High scorers in this area are likely to also score high in altruism and dutifulness and they tend to put higher value on the collective and the moral over the individual.


In love, you are likely felt as a safe place, providing an honest environment for a partner to grow and remain rooted in reality. You don’t likely give into games or use situations and ideas to get what you want, but rather sit critically in the truth, expressing it when needed with directness that shows your partner they are respected. No one has to question your motives or negotiate between your worlds and reality, and there is something very valuable in that, especially for partners and children.


At work, you are consistent and easy to trust as your words and action generally align with reality in a way that lets others know they can count on you to be honest and direct. You will likely find yourself being honest at work at times you know it could cost you politically, but you do it anyway.

Highly-political work environments are not for you. As a rule of thumb, the larger the organization, the more politics there are, and so you might be happiest in small, entrepreneurial environments. Your consistency can build you a strong foundation and gain you steady footing in high places.


The only downside here, of course, is that with the lack of strategic maneuvering that comes with straightforwardness, you may find yourself falling behind from time to time as well as being unliked by those who are less comfortable with your sincerity of truth.

Consider who needs to hear what you have to say, and try to keep quiet when the truth might cause harm to you or others. Sincerity is a powerful thing, and combined with perceptiveness and insight can really change people’s lives. It is important to remember how powerful this is and to wield it accordingly, implementing not so much strategy but general reservation and awareness as you communicate.











Low Scorers

You communicate strategically, more likely concerned with the outcome than the truth or sincerity of what you’re communicating. You can be crafty and at times misleading.


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