Openness to Experience

Open people are intellectually curious, have active imaginations, and seek variety and novelty in their life.

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You have a curious and exploratory nature, yearning to see beautiful new things and share in new ideas. You value aesthetic and philosophy and likely approach experiences with people with an open heart, giving the benefit of the doubt. You may be a daydreamer, fantasizing about wonderful new things and then seeing if you can make them happen. Your imagination can come from both heart and mind.

In your most healthy state, you use your mind to make the most of what your heart wants. You are able to see many perspectives and can understand where other’s come from even if you disagree, and this capacity extends to yourself as well. You have the capacity to be as open to yourself as you are to others. You also tend to be liberal and tolerant of diversity of ideas and identities.


Love can be a delight as your openness allows you to really see and appreciate others, who in turn may well appreciate the attention and care you put into them.

You can be a good listener and may enjoy actively engaging in mutual dreaming, for instance you and your partner may spend time together thinking up your next great vacation or planning to build your dream home.

People high in openness value novelty of experience and so may often fantasize about other people and other experiences. The trick here is to be open and honest at all times about what you desire so that you and your partner can discuss it together.

You may also have a higher and more engaged sex drive than others and enjoy sexual experimentation.


You are able to listen and be present and so can be a lovely addition to any workplace—though your nature may more often than not lead you to more individual paths perhaps in the arts and innovation fields. You have the capacity to invent and execute new ideas and technologies, or to discover new things as your curiosity and love of the unknown may guide you down new paths.

Even when it comes to ideas or problem solving, you best engage with work through play and creativity. You struggle with work that is repetitive or process based and would do well to avoid nine-oi-five type jobs in general unless they are highly conducive to creativity and flux.


High openness, when untamed can make you ungrounded. When channeled into the pursuit of flow activities and constructive pursuits, it can be a major source of happiness. When overly channeled into desire for imagined but unrealistic possibilities, it can lead to lack of satisfaction with the present and unending desire. Likewise, novelty seeking can be channeled into adaptive paths like travel or the pursuit of art, or more consumptive and self-destructive paths like habitual drug use or dependence.

It’s important for people who are high on openness to find ways to channel their creative energy. It’s like a flow of water. If it’s allowed to flow, then beautiful things can happen, but if disrupted it may be damaging to you and your environment. In this way, if you’re high on openness you almost owe it to yourself and other people in your life to find healthy channels for your passion.











Low Scorers

You lean towards the traditional and value established and well-trodden thoughts and systems. You prefer to be in the moment and don’t often engage in fantasy or mystery. You may be pragmatic in nature and committed to your views and modes of being.


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