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Creative individuals have the ability to come up with original and useful ideas, thinking in ways unique from others. Take a look at children, for example. When we look at children, we see tiny individuals who have not yet conformed to the way society wants them to act and see the world. Their way of thinking is unique and unpolluted by expectations. They are free to take risks, create, and express themselves however they please. Highly creative adults are a lot like that, in the sense that they are able to see beyond the conventional ways of the world and are fully open to receiving ideas and experiences.

For a creative person, the world is their oyster. When trying to create, these individuals are able to think of a variety of different ideas for a solution—also known as divergent thinking. There are endless possibilities for them to make meaningful contributions to their lives and to others, so they create to make things better for everyone. Creativity is fun and rewarding, especially to these people. It allows people to embrace their inner child and experience true freedom of expression.



At work, the creative person has a knack for thinking in novel ways and problem-solving. They work best in environments where they have the freedom to devise new solutions to problems or reinvent new ways of doing things. Repetitive tasks are likely to be tedious for these individuals, causing them to feel unmotivated.


To creative people, thinking in ways that allow them to come up with various possible solutions is inherent. It is often a struggle for them to think in a way that provides the single most correct response, therefore, being paired with people who have this ability is most effective when completing a task.










Nurturing creativity is like nurturing one's inner child. Let your mind roam free and enjoy the inner playfulness we were all once so eager to embrace. Be open to new experiences and begin looking at life with no judgement, and you will start looking at the world in a new perspective.


Low Scorers

These people are more conventional and have trouble thinking of solutions that haven't already been thought of before.


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