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These are the individuals that wake up and are ready to take on the day. They are optimistic, and successful at bouncing back from challenging situations because they are skilled at perceiving adversities in a positive light.

Zestfulness manifests in two levels: physical and psychological. People who score high in zest have good physical and psychological health. That is to say, these individuals have a great understanding of themselves, and are in-tune with their psychological well-being. Not only that, but they are also understanding of other people as well. These people have a deep sense of gratitude for life and are equipped with healthy coping mechanisms for difficulties.


These people are very satisfied with their lives and are very good at positively influencing their partners to do things that make them happy as well. They enjoy being in nature and spending quality time with their significant other.


Zestful people transfer their enthusiasm to their work through their commitment. Their eagerness to get tasks done allows them to put in full effort and appreciate all of their opportunities.

These are the people who follow their passions and dedicate their life to their careers. They view their careers as their "callings", and this perspective helps them be less prone to burnouts and disengagement with projects or careers. Often seen as entrepreneurs and in creative fields, these people thrive in jobs that require passion as they are skilled in those facets.

They have the ability to settle into a flow that helps them use their time and energy efficiently, making for very successful progress in tasks. Other people are attracted to working with individuals like this because they are refreshing and encourage others to also be excited about new projects.











Luckily for those who want to develop more zest, there are a few things that may help.

Firstly, exercising is linked to increased vitality. Committing to doing this daily and watching after one's health and diet can increase zest, as well as reduce melancholy. Contact with nature is also linked to increased vitality. Putting in the effort to spend more time outdoors and participating in activities that increase excitement and contentment can help develop zest.

Additionally, connecting with other people while doing things that raise spirits can increase vitality. Developing a support system and spending time socializing with them can aid in increasing zest.


Studies show that acting "as if" has been linked to an increase in vitality and zest. Essentially, this requires individuals to "fake it 'till you make it" when trying to develop it. The person must actively engage in ways that are zestful as to trick their brain into believing that they are. This allows for them to eventually develop zest themselves by internalizing this behaviour.

Low Scorers

Low scorers in zest are the individuals who often feel lost, disconnected, or aimless. They are more likely to experience burnout and decreased motivation to accomplish goals.


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