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Kind, sympathetic, and cooperative. Concerned with social harmony over social ascendance.

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Agreeable people prioritize the well-being of the group and the quality of their relationships ahead of the self. They are generally warm-natured, known to be kind, generous, cooperative, trustworthy, and willing to compromise.

People who score high on this element hold an optimistic view of human nature, and tend to see others in a positive light. They trust easily and give people the benefit of the doubt, meaning they are quick to forgive and actively try to avoid conflict.

Conversely low scorers, or Disagreeable people, are usually more competitive in nature. They are slower to extend their trust and are not easily compelled to extend themselves for other people.

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Agreeableness is a parent element comprised of 6 child elements.

Healthy Adaptations

High scorers care deeply for those around them, flourishing as parents and partners. They approach their relationships with acts of kindness and are truly invested in making their loved ones lives better.

They are also good team players—seeing the value of the whole over their own individual gains, and make efforts to foster a comfortable working environment for those around them.