Emotional Stability

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Emotional Stability

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Withstands suffering with relative ease. Not easily upset or overwhelmed.

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High scorers in Emotional Stability are balanced in their emotions and less likely to experience prolonged states of negative feelings such as sadness, anger, worry, or stress. They are not easily upset or overwhelmed by negative experiences or individuals. They are generally confident and have the ability to effectively communicate without being overwhelmed by emotion.

Low scorers are more prone to moodiness and irritability. However, low scorers are generally more sensitive to their own emotions as well as the plight of others, and what it means to be human.

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Healthy Adaptations

High scorers are confident and have high self-esteem and trust in their abilities. They are level-headed and rational decision makers, which is particularly beneficial to them in the workplace. Emotionally stable people are usually secure in their relationships, and don’t require frequent validation of their partner’s love.