Openness to Experience

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Openness to Experience

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Curious and imaginative. Open to unconventional ideas and values. Seek variety and novelty.

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Openness to Experience is an appreciation for new and unusual ideas, creative pursuits, and emotions.

People high on Openness to Experience are daydreamers who seek novelty and variety in their lives. Their disposition is intellectually open-minded and curious, with high scorers tending to be highly creative and in touch with their inner-selves. They are strong listeners and have the ability to deeply see and understand others.

Low-scorers tend to be more conventional in their outlook, preferring familiarity over novelty and are lower on thrill-seeking than their high-scoring counterparts.

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Healthy Adaptations

High scorers’ natural curiosity means they have high capacity to form new ideas and technologies and discover new things. They engage best with work through play and creativity. They also respond to feedback (both negative and positive) with more intensity and self-reflection than most.

They also may have a higher sex drive than others and enjoy sexual experimentation. They are open to dating many different types of people.