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Playful Love

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Flirtatious and noncommittal love. View love as a game. Enjoy the thrill of pursuing multiple partners simultaneously. Prioritize excitement, variety, and casual relationships.

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Playful love is flirtatious, and fun. High scorers see love as a game to be played and have a tendency to play the field rather than settle down with one person. They approach romantic interests with a light-hearted attitude and avoid letting feelings get in the way of fun.

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Healthy Adaptations

With this view of love, playful relationships can be casual, uncomplicated, and undemanding. These types are also more disposed to and tolerant of tactics like deception in a relationship, the way one might with a board game. As the saying goes, "all is fair in love and war". They may also avoid letting feelings get in the way of fun. This ambivalence combined with their playfulness can make them very attractive to potential lovers.

This game of love can be multiplayer as well. Playful types often prefer to play the field rather than settle down with one person––placing less emphasis on commitment and being more fluid with who they love.

However, with a compatible partner, Playful relationships can be very long-lasting.

Unhealthy Adaptations

Playful relationships work best when both partners are mature, independent, and prioritize Playful love. However, there is a risk that one party misinterprets Playful love for Passionate love, which like Playful love is flirtatious and passionate, but unlike it seeks much greater attachment, depth, and commitment.