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Obsessive Love

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Intense and emotional form of love. Desire to be special in their partners eyes. To possess them and be possessed by them.

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High scorers in Obsessive Love thrive on loyalty, security, and mutual belonging in relationships. They want their partner to feel as strongly for them as they do and place strong emphasis on mutual belonging. Relationships tend to become a core part of these people’s identity, and as a result, they may experience feelings of jealousy or emotional dependency more than others.

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Unhealthy Adaptations

For Obsessive lovers, their relationship often becomes the pinnacle of their identity and much of their self-worth and self-esteem becomes rooted in its success. Because of this, they may find themselves reacting to situations in ways that indicate jealousy, the need to control, or high levels of emotional dependency.

These lovers thrive on security and reassurance, and if these needs aren't met, they can escalate into destructive behaviors, often leaving both parties in turmoil.