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Values pleasure: things, and experiences that gratify their senses.

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High scorers in Hedonism are deeply moved by their senses, they seek pleasure and actively avoid suffering. Despite its sexual connotations, hedonism speaks to a desire for pleasure in all aspects of life: good food, beautiful environments, and a focus on a pleasant life overall.

Related Traits

Stimulation is a sister trait of Hedonism, but whereas Stimulation relates to the desire for excitement and challenge, Hedonism relates to the desire for pleasure and personal indulgence.

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Other Elements in Values

Healthy Adaptations

Hedonism in its healthiest manifestation separates the cultivation of long-term sources of pleasure from the immediate desire for it. This distinction is an important one. A healthy hedonist will create a life that is full of abundance and also appreciate all the little sources of pleasure in life. This means investing their energy into building a well of pleasures that can be drawn upon consistently.

Unhealthy Adaptations

An unhealthy hedonist seeks out immediate gratification at the expense of more long-term sources of pleasure and may find themselves running faster and faster on the hedonistic treadmill.