Appreciation of Beauty

Noticing and experiencing awe from physical beauty, talent or skill, and moral virtue.

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These people are moved by beauty in a way that most aren't. Everyday moments like a field at sundown or a touching film can instill in these people a sense of magic and child-like wonder. The appreciation for beauty extends beyond aesthetics to things like human talent and humanity itself, allowing these people to form deep connections with others.

They see the world as beautiful and worthwhile, despite its imperfections. The physical beauty of the environment gives them feelings of oneness with the universe, and likewise the beauty in others and their stories or talents can be channeled to give them a sense of oneness with others.

They seek out new experiences that evoke awe but are also able to find beauty in the every day. Achieving this allows them to stay grounded to the simple things and have a more interconnected view of the world.


Magical experiences are a driving force for those in love. They want relationships that are full of beautiful moments, often putting energy into cultivating these moments. They value shared experiences of beauty like going to a concert or watching a sun set.


People with appreciation for beauty are able to recognize and treasure the skills and talents of their colleagues, making for a better work environment where all members feel valued. This appreciation strengthens work relationships, empowers workers to feel confident in themselves to complete tasks and reach new heights, and enforces a sense of unity between one another.


While appreciating beauty has its merits, its not always the best for those in relationships. These people fall for partners that are talented or beautiful, but not necessarily kind or right for them. Once a relationships is done, they are more likely than most to remember the heights of the relationship: the shared moments of magic, and forget they day-to-day challenges or incompatibilities.










Reflection is a key concept needed for appreciation. Spending time pondering the positive things one sees in life can help increase appreciation. For example, taking the time to think about how long your friend worked on your birthday gift can help increase the appreciation for the hard work that went into making it.

Additionally, being in an environment where others openly express their appreciation can allow others to become comfortable doing so as well.


Low Scorers

Low scorers of appreciation miss out on the magic of the world, as they tend to look at life through a lens of survival and profit. To the average eye, strolling through a garden may be nothing but ordinary and mundane. Every day things do not compel them to feel awe or appreciation.


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