Making other people smile. Seeing the lighter side of (and therefore coping with) bad situations.

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When we watch comedians work their magic, we feel good inside. It is no doubt that the world is a very imperfect place, and yet humorous people find ways to make light of the shortcomings of life. Perhaps, it is their ability to stay composed and positive through hardships that allows them to perceive threatening situations in a good-natured way and get through life's hassles.

High scorers give those around them space and unspoken permission to shed themselves of the seriousness we are taught to carry. In this way, humor is not just about having a laugh. Humor is infectious and disarming and helps high scorers get truly close to people and build deep social bonds.


In a world where behaving in a serious and composed way is engrained in us from a young age, being around people with humor is like taking off a mask. Humor gives us permission to embrace our inner child and be our truest selves, wrinkles and all.

The lover who scores high on humor holds their partner's hand as they laugh at the good times and make light of the bad.


The vibrance of humor can be felt even in an office setting. Humor-loving people reduce stress in a workplace and can be pleasures to work with. Humor can be a social lubricant in the work place. These people have the ability to use their sense of humor to relieve tension or awkwardness when working with new people and can form working relationships more easily than most.


A word of caution to those with humor: be mindful of the situations in which you make jokes, as to not come off as insulting or ridiculing the other person. For example, making jokes based on derogatory stereotypes may not sit well with some crowds. You may think you're ingratiating yourself with someone but a bad joke can just as easily push them away.










The key ingredient to developing humor is having the freedom to play. Spending time around high scorers or people who encourage playfulness can be infectious. Sometimes we need permission to laugh.


Low Scorers

Womp womp. Those who score low in humor are less playful and take life more seriously.


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