Love of Learning

Desiring expansion of knowledge. Learning for learning's sake.

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Those with a love of learning see value in building upon what they already know. They enjoy mastering new skills and studying new topics purely for the sake of learning or interest.

Motivated by the expansion of their fund of knowledge, they feel genuine excitement in the process of acquiring skills and satisfying their curiosities. When a particular topic catches their interest, they dive in, sometimes losing track of time or even themselves as they learn more.


Whereas some forget to apply their love of learning to relationships, high scorers of this strength strive to know more about their partner. Regardless of how long they've known them, they desire understanding their partner fully.


When assigned a challenging task at work, people with a love of learning believe that even if they don't have the knowledge required to complete the task at that moment, they will in the future. They are intrinsically motivated, putting genuine effort into developing a new skill or conducting any research required to complete a task thoroughly. Once they have mastered a new skill or a new tool, they are eager and willing to teach others.


In having great enthusiasm for learning, one may start to overwhelm others with a tendency to bombard conversations with new information. No one wants to be cornered at a party with that person who's telling them about the intricacies of an obscure topic they have no interest in. There's no harm in wanting to share new information, but one should do so in bits in pieces or else they may risk coming off as a know-it-all.










The key to developing a love of learning is to discover what you are interested in knowing more about. If one feels genuinely connected to the content they are learning, they may view the process of learning such as reading, researching, and overall devoting time to gain more knowledge about something as less of a chore.


Low Scorers

Low scorers may have a lack of interest, or simply be complacent in building their knowledge. They tend to view learning as a means to an end, such as to get good grades, win a promotion, or please others. With this, they have a performance orientation towards learning, in that they strive for achievement with progress measured in terms of performance relative to others or an externally defined standard.


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