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Excessively focuses on others' needs, neglecting their own, and seeking validation and identity through a caretaking role.

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High scorers need to be needed by others, intertwining their sense of self with another's happiness.

Codependent people take the role of “caregiver” in their close relationships.

They can be highly sensitive to the emotional states of others. At a glance, they're incredibly generous, throwing much of their energy into their relationships and working to make others feel at ease.

Consistently putting others’ needs ahead of their own, they are reluctant to share strong or contrarian opinions out of fear of alienation and rejection.

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Other Traits in Attachment Styles

Codependency most commonly manifests in romantic relationships, though it can apply to any close relationship. Those who score high in Compassionate Love and Obsessive Love are more likely to develop codependent tendencies.

In moments of relationship tension, high scorers will avoid voicing concerns to their partners, fearing abandonment.

However, in most instances, codependents can be highly empathic and sensitive to their partners’ needs.