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Enthusiastic and empathetic to everyone around them. Passionate and intense in relationships and friendships. Magnetic creatives who like to forge their own paths.

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ENFPs, also known as Campaigners, are passionate and personable individuals. They bring enthusiasm and energy to any task they endeavor to complete, and are highly encouraging of those around them. The Campaigner loves to be surrounded with others of a similar energy, and work well in groups where they can lead the charge. Highly emotional people, Campaigners are in tune with the emotions of those around them. They love to understand those around them in the hopes that they can be of use to them; ENFPs' high emotional intensity means they need to surround themselves with those who will support them in turn.

The Campaigner is excellent at stepping outside of the bounds of tradition and coming up with their own ideas. They love to share these ideas with others and do so in a clear way; the ENFP is known for being an excellent communicator. ENFPs dislike routine or monotony and seek to change up their lifestyle if they feel it becoming stagnant. Their energy and enthusiasm spreads to all areas of their life, and they like to live it to the fullest.

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Campaigners are high-energy, affectionate, and passionate romantic partners. They are committed to finding their soulmate and want to form a genuine connection with whoever they are dating. ENFPs bring lots of energy and emotion to a relationship, and need for that energy to be reciprocated. Because of this, they tend to favor long-term relationships, where they can rely on and build a deep partnership with their counterpart. At times, Campaigners get so tired of casual dating that they throw themselves too quickly into a relationship. And the opposite is also sometimes true: Campaigners struggle to focus on the present and may perceive that there is something better out there, idealizing the perfect relationship and using it as a standard for dating.

Campaigners love for their relationships to be exciting and adventurous, and struggle when they feel that it has become too monotonous. While their dedication to the relationship is important, they may find it difficult to separate their own personality from the relationship itself. Their desire for the "perfect" relationship means that if one fails, the Campaigner may find it hard to bounce back after dating, and can become overly introspective and self-blaming.

In the workplace, Campaigners are most at home when collaborating with others. They can often be found in the performing arts, production, the health sector, or in journalism. They are incredibly versatile and are willing to take on many tasks so long as they are passionate about them—that said, if the Campaigner finds a task menial then they may not excel at it. ENFPs sometimes struggle with focus and can have problems committing to a single career path.

Campaigners are highly motivated workers who enjoy finding personal success in their jobs, but need a less restrictive workplace so that they may complete a task in their own way. That being said, it is important that the Campaigner acquires clear instructions so long as they are not too constraining. They are excellent at coming up with new and original ideas, and dedicating energy to improving pre-existing practices. Generally speaking, ENFPs like to focus on bigger projects, and have a tendency to inadvertently overlook small details.

Campaigners love to look ahead to the future — but because of this, they can sometimes overlook what is going on in the present. They may miss key details or procrastinate tasks in favor of dreaming ahead. Campaigners' emotions run very high, and they need regular reassurance from those closest to them, or those emotions may turn negative. Above all, ENFPs value the freedom to operate as they please, and may struggle if they feel overly constrained or micromanaged in a given situation.

Unhealthy Adaptations

  • Becoming distracted or dissatisfied with their current situation, whether it be work, social or romantic
  • Going out of their way in search of validation, and coming off as needy accordingly
  • Panicking in stressful situations and reacting based on emotional instinct
  • Overthinking their actions or spiralling into self-doubt
  • Challenging systems or structures they find restrictive, often resulting in negative consequences

Campaigners do well in leadership positions, especially due to their ability to connect to their team members. This type possesses a remarkable ability to encourage and inspire those around them, which leads to high results from their colleagues. Campaigners also do an excellent job of making those around them feel equal, and will never hesitate to give out praise or acknowledge the contribution of a team member. They tend to lead by example, and will often be the hardest worker on any team.

Campaigners are all about the big picture, and may give too much freedom to their team members as they tend to overlook small details. Thanks to their own personal need for freedom, they may  struggle to give guidelines and directions, which can at times delay projects or cause confusion. This type loves to give out praise, and struggles to criticize failed work. While conflict rarely occurs under an ENFP's leadership, they may find it difficult to resolve interpersonal challenges, as they are not the most effective mediators.

Campaigners are highly social and emotional individuals who thrive when they have a close social circle with which they can share their dreams and passions. They find great satisfaction in reaching their goals in the workplace, and enjoy focusing on their own personal success. ENFPs love to develop new, fruitful connections, and devoting energy toward deeply understanding those who come into their lives.

Healthy Adaptations

  • Finding and developing genuine connections and friendships
  • Being in a romantic relationship that is both exciting and adventurous, while understanding that the excitement with ebb and flow
  • Thinking of, and implementing, new and creative ideas into their lives
  • Providing support for those around them and having that support reciprocated
  • Seeking connections where all parties can confide in each other and celebrate each other's hopes and goals

Campaigners excel the most when they are surrounded by other people. They are highly personable and thrive when they work in tandem with others. ENFPs are often known for their kindness and are perceived as warm individuals. They are creative in their approaches to any given task; Campaigners like to think outside the box and are often coming up with new and unique ideas. This type genuinely feels and cares for those around them, and possesses a strong sense of empathy.

  • Strong ability to encourage and motivate those around them
  • Able to perceive new ways of operating and are very successful at implementing them into their lives
  • Highly capable of putting themselves into the shoes of others, leading to a greater understanding of those around them
  • Very in touch with the feelings of those around them and able to perceive when someone is struggling
  • Captivating speakers and possessing a strong presence