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Inspired problem solvers who challenge tradition. Devil's advocates. Witty and quick conversationalists. Inventors who look to improve their surroundings.

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Often known as the Debater, ENTPs are natural problem solvers who love being intellectually stimulated through debates with their peers. ENTPs are characterized by a thirst for knowledge; they have a deep desire to understand the world around them and to gain mastery over that knowledge. Debaters are natural conversationalists who channel that knowledge, alongside their quick wit, into intellectually sparring with anyone who will take the bait. This type has a genuine thirst for knowledge, and also a desire to understand opposing views. They'll rarely jump onto a bandwagon to find themselves victim to mob mentalities or group think. Rather, they love to rethink existing norms and processes to arrive at innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

That said, as much as the Debater excels at brainstorming, they're generally disinterested in logistical, mechanical thinking. Often, they'll suggest a big idea but leave others to handle the nitty-gritty of implementing it. While this type excels at harnessing their smarts to challenge the status-quo, they can sometimes appear insensitive to more emotional types of thinking, and need to put in the extra effort to build supportive relationships — not just intellectually vibrant ones — with those around them.

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Debaters don’t have a preference for long-term or short-term relationships; instead they desire relationships that are continually improving and never stagnant. This desire for improvement, however, may wear down their partners in the long run. Above all, the Debater wants their relationship to be exciting and stimulating, and their demands on the relationship stay high even as intimacy builds. At the same time, this type dislikes feeling smothered, and needs to carve out intentional space for alone time within a romantic partnership. Usually this type needs some time to learn how to respond to their partner's emotional needs and sensitivities.

That said, when there is strong compatibility — typically with other Intuitive types who can complement and balance out their own intensities — ENTPs can be committed, wonderful partners who support the partnership and encourage mutual growth and contentment.

In the workplace Debaters excel when they can freely brainstorm ideas and operate with fewer rules and limitations. They are innovative and entrepreneurial, and thrive when they feel their ideas are not just heard, but implemented as well. The Debater is all about seeing long term results in the workplace, focusing on bigger ideas rather than minute details. As they tend to challenge authority, ENTPs do best in workplaces where they can combine autonomous work with team work toward a greater purpose or goal. Because of this, Debaters often find success in journalism, law, business, or development.

While Debaters excel at coming up with ideas they are often less successful at seeing them through. Tasks which they deem menial are simply not important to the ENTP, and they’d rather come up with another big concept as opposed to seeing through the previous one.

The Debater struggles most with impatience and recognizing when they are being insensitive to those around them. Their love of debate can be a strength, but it can also lead them to get so caught up in their own ideas that they can't hear the needs of those around them. While this is rarely intentional, it can lead to conflict and turbulence in their deepest relationships. At times, they forget to express affection or love to those around them; they need to be reminded that not everyone has the same rational, academic approaches to connection as they do.

Unhealthy Adaptations

  • Love of debate may cause the ENTP to embrace the role of the devil’s advocate, often taking this concept to the extreme
  • Focusing on their own ideas may cause them to be ignorant of the people around them and not notice when something is amiss
  • The desire to see results quickly may mean the Debater fails to spend time planning accordingly and instead act impatiently, or in other cases fail to be decisive
  • ENTPs feel a need to be liked, yet their competitive nature may isolate some people around them

While Debater types don’t always seek out leadership, they actually feel quite comfortable in managerial positions. They possess an impressive ability to communicate with different types of people and see their perspectives. As a leader, Debaters are always outspoken advocates on behalf of their team, which can lead to mutual respect between the ENTP manager and their reports. The ENTP doesn't often get too caught up in doing things the "right" way, and is willing to adapt to the groups that they work with. They tend to give their subordinates the freedom to achieve their tasks in the manner they deem most effective, which can improve productivity across the workplace.

Due to their looser management style, Debater leaders can sometimes neglect to pay attention to important details or fail to give clear instructions. ENTP leaders also struggle to stay on task, and may move ahead with a project without communicating to their team.

One of the greatest joys for the Debaters is feeling intellectually stimulated by those around them. They enjoy facing challenges head-on; both those posed by those close to them and by the world at large. The Debater is happiest when their social group understands that their love of debate does not mean that they are trying to be combative, but rather that it helps them comprehend those around them.

Healthy Adaptations

  • Exploring new ideas and theories, as well as coming up with them
  • Finding a social circle that understands their need for stimulation and engages in healthy debate
  • Challenging the status quo while still making room for the opinions, perspectives, and needs of others around them
  • Working in a fast-paced environment where they can focus on short-term projects
  • Being with people who share their intense need for honesty and who value directness

True to their name, The Debater is always ready to debate — one of their core strengths is their ability to vigorously challenge long-held beliefs, traditions, and methods. In order to do so, the ENTP is constantly learning; they are quick learners who become highly knowledgeable across industries and specializations. Highly rational, you can trust a Debater to be direct and straight-forward. Their ability to see a problem or topic from all angles makes them excellent brainstormers who can energetically ideate until they find an original solution.

  • Skilled conversationalists who are able to develop relationships with a great number of people
  • Approaching new topics with curiosity and a genuine desire to learn
  • Understanding the world around them and creating ways to improve it
  • Challenging the status quo and insisting upon the "underdog" of perspectives
  • Voicing ideas that others may be too afraid to suggest
  • Inventing new processes, solutions, and rituals