These people are energetic and like to stay busy. They live a fast-paced life, going from one activity to another.

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Activity is a facet of extraversion. Active people like to be busy. They move through life at a quick pace and like to fill their days with many activities. Active people like to be stimulated and challenged physically and mentally and are happiest when they feel a sense of acceleration in their life.


The active lover seeks a dynamic and fun relationship. Repeated evenings on the couch are not likely to satisfy them. Their high energy and accelerated approach to life require an equally engaged partner who will challenge them and keep them on their toes.

If this sounds like you, partners who are complacent and more introverted can potentially help balance you out but can also lead to frustration and a sense that you and your relationship are being put on idle.

Active people who also score high on conscientiousness are likely to take the lead in a relationship, making plans and pushing their partner to follow through.


These people work best in an environment with high stakes and quick results. They like to see progress and to be given the opportunity to make things happen in real time. They do not procrastinate. When something needs to be done, they get on it.

Active people don’t do well at slow-paced office jobs and are best suited for competitive or dynamic scenarios. They like to move and think on your feet and are not likely to perform well when asked to slow down or take a passive position.


An active person is vulnerable to rushing through jobs too quickly and therefore missing or under-executing important steps. You may move so quickly that a given task is done sloppily if at all correctly.

You may also jump on opportunities or make decisions without pausing long enough to think them through critically and with the necessary research.

Others, particularly more introverted people might be put off by your energy levels as they tend to take it personally. You may also be perceived as flighty and unable to commit to a singular vision.











Low Scorers

You move at a leisurely pace and have an even, reserved approach to taking action, getting things done in a relaxed and calm manner. You prefer relaxed settings and don’t generally crave stimulation.


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