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Have an appreciation for aesthetics. Sensitive to beauty. Dedicate time to the arts.

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These people are moved by creation and by beauty, enjoying and absorbing themselves in the rich experiences of life. They're excitable and interested in what they encounter, from people to places and experiences. They probably live in a state of play more often than they do a state of duty.

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Aesthetics is a child component of Openness to Experience


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Love is a creative process for these people. They're interested and engaged with those they love on a number of levels, from their beauty to their life story and what they're working on at a given time. People with artistic interests like to learn from love, explore their feelings, and share openly with those that they love.

Care and attention to detail are very important to these people, so it’s beneficial to be around those who share similarly high scores in artistic interests as well as in openness in general. A single heightened experience—like spending a beautiful sunset evening with someone for example—may be mistaken for sublime compatibility when realistically, there is no way to know based on one experience whether someone else is able to sustain the same levels of wonderfulness long term.

Aesthetic people are most likely drawn to the arts or to work that satisfies a creative need.

Environments are important to them, so offices and aesthetically careless spaces can be difficult to take. They're affected by the world around them, so they do better at work when the culture and environment are beautiful or at least intentional.

Notable high scorers

  • Leonardo da Vinci: A polymath of the Renaissance who worked in multiple fields, from painting masterpieces like the Mona Lisa to scientific drawings and inventions.
  • Frida Kahlo: Known for her unique paintings, Kahlo not only contributed to the art world but also had a profound appreciation for Mexican culture and aesthetics.
  • Vincent van Gogh: Despite his struggles, Van Gogh had a deep appreciation for the beauty of the world, evident in his vibrant and expressive paintings.
  • Oscar Wilde: A literary genius known for his wit, Wilde wrote aesthetically pleasing works and often mused on beauty and art in his writings.
  • Georgia O'Keeffe: An American artist best known for her paintings of enlarged flowers, New York skyscrapers, and New Mexico landscapes, she had a unique aesthetic vision that set her apart.