Action-oriented people like to try and experience new things. They prefer novelty and variety over routine, and have ecclectic interests.

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You are adventurous and open-minded, seeking new experiences regularly. You love to talk to strangers and to try new food, travel to new places, and experience new cultures. You have a big imagination and a big open heart.


The adventurous lover desires a life that is rich and varied. They want to cross paths with new people and places. This makes them incompatible with some types.

These people need freedom and security in a relationship that gives them space to explore and connect. This of course does not imply romantic infidelity. A suitable partner is either supportive of their need for varied experiences or equally adventurous and willing to join them. An unsuitable partner is one that is controlling or overly dutiful.


You work best in an environment that is free and flexible, ideally working for yourself or with a small team of like-minded people. You are likely to have many careers in your life as you get restless and curious about what else is out there. You’re not likely to thrive in a fixed office environment.


Openness in action may get you into trouble in areas of love, if the proper communication and trust isn’t well-established. Taken to the extreme you may be unable to stay put in one job or with one person for the long haul and this may create some difficulties depending on how it is handled.

Be honest and well-intentioned about your open nature, taking those who you love or work with into account. When you follow your heart, make sure that you are moving on in a loving way and that you were honest with yourself and with them about your nature from the beginning.











Low Scorers

You are more comfortable in established routines and moderate in your decision making. You know what you like and what works for you and you rarely stray from these things in order to try something new.


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