Deliberate people think before they act or speak. They are thoughtful in their actions and weigh the pros and cons of decisions thoroughly.

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You are careful and thoughtful, sitting with a problem and considering all its facets before making a move. You think things through carefully, do your research, and take your time. You like to research and investigate and are not prone to judgment or act quickly as you like to understand things as fully as possible, considering multiple potential outcomes for any given action.


You may be slow in choosing a partner, as you take your time in getting to know someone, assessing their qualities and observing in order to predict how well you will work together in the long run. This means that once you make up your mind to commit you are more likely than not in it for the long haul.

You may struggle in love with people who wear their heart on their sleeve (those who score high on impulsiveness and feeling) as they may find your pace and reservedness difficult to take.

You are best matched with those who at the very least, have the patience to allow your lengthy process to unfold. You choose your words and actions in a relationship with care, which can help your partner feel loved and valued. Being in a relationship with someone who scores low in Deliberation could be a good thing as it may create a dynamism that promotes growth.


At work your ability to slow down and assess a problem from all angles—like a chess player considering several moves ahead—makes you a valuable asset. You contribute to problem solving by likely calling others to slow down, take a breath, and consider more rationally and deliberately what needs to be done, rather than allowing emotionality and reactivity to get in the way.


While generally helpful in making the right moves in life and being generally well-informed, deliberateness can get in the way when one needs to make a quick decision and act on it. It’s possible your lengthy assessment may take away from the instinctive and feeling-based solutions that may be just as valid, if not more at times, than the well-thought out ones. Deliberation, to the extreme, can be a waste of time. No point overthinking menial decisions of little to no consequence. Especially in the company of others it can be annoying, like “just choose an ice cream flavor already!

Learn to take a leap now and then and to listen to your gut. Trust, on occasion, that the feeling you have about a given situation is telling you something and don’t be afraid to take action and be wrong once in a while. Deliberation about things outside of your control can make you feel powerless. Expend energy on things in your control.











Low Scorers

You are fast paced and impulsive, acting and reacting quickly, and rarely much thinking before you speak. You are able to make snap decisions and move quickly on a given task. You may also be impatient or hasty at times.


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