Compliant people prefer to avoid conflict. They prefer cooperation to competition and are reluctant to express anger.

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When confronted with conflict you lean towards peacekeeping, deferring to others, and backing down when necessary. You value collaboration over being right, and tend to forgive and forget easily.

You likely exhibit tolerance and an overall mild manner.


In love, you are likely tolerant and accepting of your partner—though it may be hard for your partner to get a whole sense of who you are as you are prone to repress truths that may create conflict. You tend to let others decide things like where to eat or even where to live, and so are more likely to follow your partner’s dreams than your own.


Compliant people are easy to work with, and do well in positions of service, deferring to others for instruction and unlikely to make a fuss when something doesn't seem right. They follow instructions well and aren’t likely to question authority.


While compliance makes you easy to live and work with, it can separate you from your needs and make it difficult to live your best life. You are less likely than others to stand up for yourself or for what you believe to be right, and are thus more likely to tolerate and adapt to things you’re less than happy with in your life.

Use your compliance to keep peace but remember that standing up for your needs and wants at times can be very important, especially within life’s bigger decisions. Evaluate each battle with care and give yourself permission to speak up, even if gently, when you believe it is necessary for your happiness and wellbeing.

Compliance and cooperation have a social evolutionary basis. It works when other people cooperate but in the face of those who prefer to only optimize for themselves, it can be a poor choice for you. So when you’re confronted with such people, you should develop the ability to be assertive.











Low Scorers

You may be quick to combat, arguing with aggression and single-mindedness. You are prone to stubbornness, impatience, and overall forcefulness when confronted with a differing opinion of point of view.

You are likely to stick it out in a difficult situation as you don’t mind, and even sometimes enjoy a good fight.


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