Dutiful people have a sense of duty and are governed by a strong internal moral compass.

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You are governed by a strict internal moral code, and act, almost without fail, according to that code. Your conscience is likely clear as it is a high priority and you act with integrity, valuing dutifulness, honesty, and right action above self-interested gain or gratification.

You are meticulous and people often come to you with delicate matters as you are easy to put faith into.


You’re able to cultivate a long-lasting relationship, likely with another high scorer in this area as your own moral code would make it near impossible in the long term for you to tolerate someone who doesn't share your standards. You are dependable and honest in love and this goes a long way.

You are apt to choose a partner based on the quality of their heart. Both of you will work through the years to make sure one another feels loved.


You could thrive in positions of public service, a politician perhaps, a rabbi or minister. If you desired, you could hold your work position for the long haul, proving yourself repeatedly to be dedicated and trustworthy. You are able to develop long-term relationships with people in all walks of life and those relationships are resources on both ends as they are based in trust and mutuality.

You may at times feel like others are getting ahead by cheating the system. Don’t let that evolve into envy. Stay your course. Being recognized as someone with high integrity will allow you to play the long game. People like Warren Buffet are entrusted with billions of dollars of other people’s money because they have shown high integrity in their field.


While it is intrinsically difficult to find a downside to such rigorous attention to one’s conscience, it’s also easy to imagine that there are some who find this quality boorish and inflexible. You may come up against negative reactions, and even hostility, as those who don’t share your scrupulousness react with a defensiveness that in fact puts them on the offense and may cause you harm.

Watch for those who don’t share your values, or who believe your values are getting in the way of their ambitions. High achievers can be especially reactive when their ambitions are thwarted by duty, and you must be careful to navigate these relationships with tact.











Low Scorers

You’re easy-going, not driven by ethical or moral standards so much as you are compelled to act on what feels good or necessary in the moment. You may be defensive and quick to defend yourself with regards to your actions.


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