These people crave excitement and stimulation. They want to live in the fast-lane. They like bright lights and loud environments.

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You are drawn to activity and stimulation, enjoying immersive and sensory experiences like concerts, art installations, festivals, and parties. You tend towards boldness and bravery, approaching new experiences with vigour and interest, happy to be drawn into something that takes you out of your usual state or “comfort zone”. Adventure may be a big draw, and boldness in action may interest you as a quality in yourself and others.


For your love to thrive it really should be dynamic and flexible. Finding a partner who is not attached to a career or family that requires long hours and stability is a good idea, as you may otherwise feel locked in and restless.

Your love of new experiences is a delightful thing and your love, like your work, should be in coherence with that impulse. It should go without saying that finding another high scorer in Excitement-Seeking would be a step in the right direction. You may run into particular trouble with those who score high in Order or Duty.


A nine-to-five is not likely the right place for you. Your adventurous spirit craves stimulation and is happiest when it has the opportunity to experience new things.

You may thrive in work that allows you to travel or research other cultures perhaps. An art or music critic would well-suit your desires, as this would allow you to pursue new experiences regularly and get paid for it.


It is of course possible to take Excitement-Seeking too far as the adrenaline rush requires increased stimulus to reach the same levels. This adrenaline rush may become addictive and, requiring increased stimuli to maintain, may take over your life in unhealthy ways. When a simple concert, for instance, used to really thrill you, you may find yourself years later seeking week-long festivals, and may turn to stimulants and risk to increase the desired excitement.

Balance and moderation is key. Enjoy what excites you and remember that the down time is part of what makes that excitement feel so good. Refresh, slow down and smell the roses before heading off to your next adventure. Learn to enjoy the little things as much as you enjoy the big ones.











Low Scorers

You’re more often happy at home or in a calm and simple setting. Large crowds and clamorous noises, for instance, may be off putting as you would prefer to relax into a simpler, quieter atmosphere.


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