Warm people are affectionate and friendly. They like people and form strong interpersonal relationships. They are kind and open hearted.

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You tend to be an open and affectionate person, bringing attention and friendliness to interactions. You find ease and enjoyment in others and are likely happy to open your mind and you home to them.

Friendship and family is a source of joy and are cordial and gracious as a host and guest. The well-being of others is likely to increase your own inner sense of well-being and likewise you are likely to have a positive effect on others in the same way.


Love and relationships are of course a great source of happiness for you as well as for those you love. Your bonds have the potential to initiate and foster growth through enthusiasm and acceptance, and the delight you take in others is only amplified by intimacy.


You are probably very easy to work with as the openness and kindness you exhibit to others likely sets them at ease and creates a joyful and receptive work environment. You would do well as a leader or manager as you have the capacity to create a nurturing and inspiring environment that brings out the best in others.


As with other aspects of Extraversion and Openness, one who is Warm is always in danger of agitating those who may not be so inclined. Your warmth may infringe on someone else’s personal space and sense of balance and this infringement may harm both parties as they may feel threatened and lash out and may thus feel wounded by their lashing.

Be aware of who you are with and practice moderation and restraint if you sense that they may score low on Warmth or high on Anxiety, Anger, or Self-Consciousness. Seek to surround yourself with people who are receptive and seem to feel safe and aligned in your presence.











Low Scorers

You are generally reserved and formal, feeling to others to be perhaps distant, but not necessarily without kindness or compassion.


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