Gregarious people like to be around many other people. They feel comfortable in large crowds and enjoy mingling.

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You tend to prefer the company of others. The more people, the better. You are more often than not energized by the presence of others and enjoy social occasions and open-hearted, spontaneous discussion and play. You take pleasure in things like gathering for dinner or for a party, when the company is good, and even find value in it when the company is just okay.


You love to be around your partner and probably are even happier when you are around others as well, the bigger the family and friendship circle the better. You may want to consider having a big table and lots of settings to accommodate all the souls you’d like to have there.

The gregarious lover likely desires a partner that they can integrate into their social life. Being able to comfortably merge their partner into their life with their friends meaningfully draws them closer to their partner. This can be a real challenge if their partner scores high on introversion or the love style of quality time.


You lean towards work that is social and collaborative. Negotiating and working with others is a strength and you are strongest when surrounded by others in just about any way.

Customer service is a good area for you as it exposes you to new people regularly and allows you to engage with them. A cubical or solitary office may cause stress as you may feel cut off or isolated and may be distracted easily in a quest for connection.


Your love of being around others may cause you to lose sight of who you are when you are alone. Being around other people can create confusion with regards to your own thoughts and preferences as you are often inundated with the thoughts and preferences of those around you.

As with most this, balance is key. Make sure you check in with yourself and take enough time alone to reorient your inner compass.











Low Scorers

You tend to prefer your own company or that of a small group of close friends. Large gatherings don’t likely appeal and often the larger the group, the less comfortable it may be for you. You may be called a loner, or merely very selective in the company you keep. You may appear to be antisocial at times or withdrawn.


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