People who are open to values have a willingness to genuinely examine and critique social, political, and religious values. They are not dogmatic.

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You are not prone to follow orders simply because they are given. You question everything based on an intrinsic value system rather than a prescribed one. You reassess and reexamine systems constantly valuing fluidity and accuracy over tradition.

You may be considered extreme or unconventional as you rarely fall into line with the general crowd.


You do not follow traditional pathways in relationships, but rather consider deeply what is the best path for you and your partner given the specifics of who you are and what you need.

You may find imposed cultural constructs like marriage challenging to accept and you certainly don’t take for granted that there is any one right way to have a relationship. You are well matched with others who score high in values and may want to avoid those who don’t as their attachment to established systems may stifle you.


As an employee, you are likely thought of as challenging as you don’t accept authority for authority’s sake. You’re better suited in leadership positions and even more so in roles of activism or social justice. You may also be drawn to the arts as they allow the expression of values unencumbered by structured norms.


It is possible to become overwhelmed with assessing and reassessing systems all the time, as one human mind is not capable of processing enough information to understand exactly what is best in every given situation. Very high scorers here may risk overworking in this area and may struggle to relax into something someone else has established.

Here it’s really a matter of choosing your battles. Being critical of systems is great but no one has time or capacity to restructure everything one encounters. Allow yourself to halt your thoughts once in a while and relax in the knowledge that you do not have to understand everything.

You can create harmony when you find ways to live in both your ideal world and the real world in peace. That doesn’t mean compromising things you really believe in but rather being okay playing someone else’s game so long as you can maintain your own balance within it. Think of a monk who retreats to find enlightenment but then returns to the world to live amongst people for the benefit of the people.











Low Scorers

You tend to lean towards dogma, accepting and remaining cautiously attached to established systems. You may be considered conservative in your approach to things, preferring to defer to the safety of established, tried and tested authorities.


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