Orderly people are tidy and organized. They like things in their proper place.

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You approach life and your surroundings methodically and with an effective system which you tend to often and with great attention. You believe everything has a place and you constantly work to organize the world round you into an effective and orderly state. You likely thrive in environments of high-functionality, simplicity, and tidiness.


You have high standards around the house and are well-suited to other high scorers in Order as your tolerance for disorder is low and being with someone who doesn't share your standards would likely be a strain. You like to plan and schedule, and are most often the one booking vacations and researching real estate.

While you can live with a poor planner, as you’re able to do the planning for the whole household, you may really struggle with a partner who is messy or disorganized to the extent it creates a chaotic effect in your own household or life at large. Seek out people who actively respect your desire for order.


Your work leans towards meticulousness, as does the space you work in. You keep things organized and have effective systems in place for everything from the arrangement of your desk to your ten-year career projection. You are likely the one others go to for scheduling, management, bookkeeping and the like. You remember everyone’s birthday and probably dress impeccably.

You may struggle with more creative and unstructured tasks. Be mindful that while planning can be useful, sometimes you might seek to plan as a method of feeling like you’re in control, when the right course of action is to accept ambiguity and uncertainty.


Taken to the extreme, you may find yourself leaning towards obsessive compulsive habits, focusing on systems and tidiness to a degree that distracts from the rest of your life. Watch for perfectionism. In love, your standards can become alienating to a loved one as there seems to be little room for their foibles and general human messiness.

Try if you can to let go of control once in a while and sit in disorder or uncertainty. Remember that nothing in life is completely under your control and that some of life’s best moments are the messy ones.











Low Scorers

You’re relaxed about your surroundings, unconcerned with systems and tidiness in general. You don’t pay particular attention to household or work tasks and don’t pay much attention to what needs doing around you.


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