Disciplined people are able to complete tasks in spite of boredom or distraction. They are not easily discouraged.

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You are able to begin and complete a task efficiently and without much distraction. You are generally effective, hard working, and energetic. With high levels of self-motivation, you create a system internally and externally that allows for efficacy and forward propulsion. Large undertakings are more likely to excite than intimidate you and your ability to strive towards and realize outcomes makes you very effective in most areas of your life.


You are likely to be a good asset around the house and are a committed and hard-working partner. You keep your word, working hard to follow through on commitments, complete projects and maintain an optimal lifestyle for you and your loved ones.


Self-disciplined people are particularly well-suited to self-employment or entrepreneurship, though they do just as well as employees. Your energy and commitment create confidence that any task you undertake will not only be completed but will be completed at a high standard. You’re well-situated to take on ambitious jobs, and to imagine and realize innovative technologies. You require little oversight and generally take pleasure in the work you do.


It’s possible you may overwork yourself and lose sight of when you need to rest or step away from a task that may be too great an undertaking. Your self discipline might be a reaction to a strong internal locus of control and a desire for control of your destiny and surroundings. While that is usually healthy, it can be challenging in circumstances where your actions have no bearing on outcomes.

To avoid burnout, make sure to check in with yourself and know when throwing in the towel is the right thing to do. Illness is usually an indicator that you are working too hard and need to scale back. Make sure you pace yourself, listen to your body, and allow failure when necessary. It is not the end of the world.











Low Scorers

You’re easily distracted and may find it difficult to complete a given task. It’s likely you struggle to keep deadlines and are not well-suited for self-motivated work in general. You may be prone to boredom and distraction, moving from one thing to another without quite focusing your attention in one place for an extended period of time.


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