Competent people believe they are capable of completing tasks. They feel prepared to deal with the challenges of life or work.

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You are sensible, prudent, and prepared. You can handle most of what life throws at you as your confidence levels are high and you operate with a great deal of intelligence and effectiveness. You likely score high on orderliness as well as you are good at creating systems and seeing them through.


As you are apt to be self-sufficient and confident your standards in love are high and your relationships dynamic and growth-oriented. You are a smart and high-functioning partner, able to adapt to change, and communicate clearly and efficiently when needed. You are likely able to create and maintain healthy and long lasting relationships as you are ever able to strategize and improve, making positive changes when needed. You are likely to follow through on promises and are generally perceived as dependable.


You’re highly effective at work, viewing your skill sets and preparedness with confidence and instilling confidence in others. You are able to balance tasks, to see projects through, and to adapt to change with grace. With high self-esteem and an internal locus of control you are self-motivated and well-suited for leadership positions or independent undertakings.

Competence is highly valued in the workplace. While it is relevant at all levels of an organization, it is particularly valuable at more junior roles where work is more about delivering on individual responsibility than relying on others whom you manage and coordinate. In a managerial role, while you will likely excel at project planning and coordination, keep in mind that not all people are as competent as you, and you will want to make allowances for that in your planning.


It is possible to slip into perfectionism or to have standards so high few can reach them, but overall there are few downsides to competence, as your intelligence generally leads you to overcome such potential pitfalls. Due to your superior ability to tackle problems, particularly as they relate to work, you may find it difficult to work with or be surrounded by people who score low on competence. This can make it difficult to follow orders from a manager whom you perceive is a space cadet and may create unrest in social or work situations where compliance is needed, especially if what you are asked to comply with doesn’t seem to you to be the optimal strategy. You are particularly averse to handing over control to those who don’t score well in this regard.

Apply your competence to worthy people and worthy causes, reserving your energy for those things that will nourish you and others. Once you’ve found your cause, go ahead and take charge, organizing those around you. You have the skills it takes to make a difference and should be careful not to hand over control to those who might be less competent. Give space to others’ opinions and allow the expression of their feelings while continuing to implement the strategies you know are best. Be careful not to give yourself away to those who may not be unable to make full use of your value.











Low Scorers

You don’t consider yourself well-prepared to take on difficult tasks, and can become easily confused or disoriented as a result. You don’t put your energy into preparedness or research and so may often be blindsided by new developments in life.


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