Tenderminded people are moved by the needs of other people. They empathize with others' pain and suffering and are moved my emotional pleas.

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You have a high level of empathy and care deeply about the well-being of others. You are moved by the suffering of others and care about social policy as a means of creating fairness and comfort for the general population. With such care and awareness for others you are often kind and gentle, putting the needs of others in high priority with a friendliness and generosity that enlivens and brings comfort to those around you.

Tenderness is related to altruism, but there are differences in the two. Whereas altruism is focused on the act and compulsion of helping others, tenderness is focused on the feeling of others’ suffering.


Your care and kindness make you a desirable partner. With high levels of empathy and a deep interest in the well-being of others, you are able to create a healthy and vibrant family life. You are able to listen, to comfort, and to create peace when there is the potential for unrest.

Be careful to choose romantic partners that don’t exploit your empathy. You have a tendency to be drawn to suffering and have a desire to heal those close to you, which can be fertile ground for codependence or unequal expression of love and support.


You see the humanity in the people you work with. This likely means you are unwilling to step on people to get ahead. This is an important component of integrity and will serve you in the long term. You would flourish in positions of social and public service.












Low Scorers

You consider yourself a realist and tend to focus on the numbers and logic over the human element of a given situation. You don’t easily sympathize with others and are rarely moved by human interest or emotional appeal.


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