Trusting people generally believe that others are honest and well-intentioned. They see the best people.

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Trusting people give others the benefit of the doubt, assuming up front that they are honest and well intentioned. They forgive more easily than others and in conflict they don’t jump to suspect maliciousness or foul play.


In love you generally see the best in your partner and are not naturally jealous. Even when things get tense you tend to give the benefit of the doubt, assuming at least that they have good intentions. You tend to forgive and keep the peace.


Being trusting can make you pleasant to work with. You do well in customer service rolls as you’re less likely to make someone feel unheard or devalued. Those who trust are more easily trusted in return and so good relationships can form between you, your peers, employers, and clients. Work probably feels smooth to you as you rarely give into suspicious thoughts and feel generally at ease around others.


Your trust can be a beautiful thing but it does present some danger as you are less likely than others to identify when someone has harmful intentions. This makes you vulnerable to manipulation and being taken advantage of.

It is important to think critically and assess each situation with information that you have gathered. Take action to protect yourself and create a safety net. Even if you assume someone is acting in good faith, it never hurts to have a safety net in place for yourself should you be wrong. Watch out for low scorers in straightforwardness, and high scorers in ambition as they are apt to deceive and you may not be equipped to identify it.











Low Scorers

It may be difficult to earn your trust as you are prone to be skeptical and cautious. Critical thinking is an important part of your process and you generally don’t assume someone is right or truthful off the bat. Cynicism and dismissiveness may crop up in the extreme.


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